Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Company

Workout of the Day

5 rounds of:

3 minutes work/1 minute rest

4 toes to bar

8 hands up pushups

12 box jumps

70 meter run

My friend Bodie came over early this morning to train, first time we’ve worked out together since high school I think. It was a fun bit of nostalgia and the workout turned out to be great. Not nearly as intense as the faceoff WOD from last night, but still challenging. I completed 14 rounds + 4 toes to bar. Bodie did 9 rounds plus 4 toes to bar and 4 pushups. I had planned to try and deadlift tonight, but I think a battlefield adjustment is in order to cope with the growing fatigue I’m feeling. Wednesday is a rest day, so I’ll pick up the 5/3/1 deadlift and pressing Thursday morning.

On another note, some videos have started trickling in and I’m happy to share them with everyone. First is one from Brandon, a compilation of his family vacation around Europe and the workouts he and his brother did. Some great ideas and fun times on there.

Also, Marco submitted a video for the Public Transportation WOD from a subway underpass in Munich. See both under the Reader Videos page here


  1. The public transporatation video from China was quite a workout! Nice clean train.

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