Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tire Training

Workout of the Day

Part A:

5 Giant Tire Flips

20 GHD situps

10 meter semi tire strike & slide (16 lb sledge)

20 GHD situps

5 Giant Tire Flips

Part B:

3 minute AMRAP

2 Giant Tire Flips

5 GHD situps

Bodie and Clint were over early this morning to do this WOD in the dark. If we had more light this would have made for a great video but I guess that’ll have to wait for daylight savings. It’s been awhile since I had the tire out for some flips so it took some time emptying out the water and leaves from the last few months of winter weather. Not smelling so good in there, but we were all hooded and gloved up looking like a trio of car thieves so the funk didn’t phase us. Still, I can’t wait til we can move these things indoors and avoid the mess altogether.

Part A was all about the sledge strikes. Doing this means backing up to the smaller tire and swinging the sledge between your legs to generate the force and propel the tire down the street in reverse. Assigning a set distance to travel makes sledge striking more measureable than simply counting the number of contacts—the latter method inevitably leads to people simply dropping the head of the hammer on the tire instead of really hitting it. As it turned out this morning, I think it took me 40 swings to move the tire 10 meters, and they weren’t cheap. It was a chore trying to make solid contact, to keep the grip from sliding, and to avoid hitting the ground in the process. The whole sequence took me just over 5 minutes to complete and the sledge work had to account for close to 4 of it.

The GHD situps also required a bit of ingenuity. We did them by hooking our feet on the inner edge of one side of the giant tire and hanging our bodies off the opposite side to simulate the extension of a GHD. The range of motion wasn’t quite as extreme, but it wasn’t too far off either. If I had a second giant tire to stack underneath it would have been perfect.

Part B of today’s workout was a pure sprint. 2 flips and 5 situps on repeat as many times as possible in 3 minutes. I finished 8 rounds and never really had to slow down. The movements compliment each other nicely and the short time domain prevented any extensive fatigue in any one area. Hopefully as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer I can get the tire out and do some more experimenting.


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