Friday, May 20, 2011

Weight Vests Under the Bridge

Workout of the Day

20 minute AMRAP wearing a 20 lb vest:

140 yard farmers walk w/5 gallon water buckets (70 uphill/70 downhill)

70 yard run

3 muscle ups

70 yard run

I’m still incredibly sore from Tuesday’s sessions so today the smart play was to keep it to a single workout. Justin and Travis from CF East Sac invited me down to the levee along the American River to do the above workout and it turned out to be just the right kind of effort. Unique, varied, and travelling wods have a way of easing you towards your work threshold in a manageable way that I really needed today. No part of this workout was a sprint. No part of it was acutely painful. It was, however, grueling and satisfying. I felt great afterwards, albeit still sore.

Also noticed that the WODs have been announced for the regionals. 6 cool events over 3 days will be a big test… looking forward to some rest next week in preparation.

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