Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mobility/Connected Movement Day

Workout of the Day

Full Body Srtetch Hip Mobility Drills

Prasara Yoga Flows: Plow Transitions Crow Transitions

Starting this week I’m adding an extra day of training at the front end of my work week. This is a low intensity session aimed at mobility, flexibility, and core/connected movement. The focus for me will usually be on the hips and ankles since that is where I have the biggest limitation with mobility. The core/connective component will incorporate a lot of wrestling style transitions on the mat, different types of yoga, and kettlebell groundwork. Today’s session I borrowed a few moves from the following site, which is seriously badass. Again, thanks to my man Zvi for the recommendation.


  1. Blair,
    Is your source for these movements just there youtube channel or do they have a specific website? Best of luck this games season! I know you will out perform all the expectations once again this year!

  2. Hey Blair,
    You should also check out the vids from Ido Portal (http://www.youtube.com/user/portaldo). He has a lot of interesting mobility circuits.