Sunday, March 27, 2011

Open House

Tomorrow is CrossFit Anywhere's Open House, a long awaited occasion. Thus, the last few days I've been on my hands and knees cutting rubber, spreading decals, and bolting plywood. I'm very excited but also looking forward to my regular training schedule that is set to resume Monday. Looking forward to seeing those of you out there who are local for some food and drink tomorrow. All the rest, catch you in cyberspace another time...


  1. Hi Blair!
    I have been following your blog for quite a while, love it!

    I am very interested in how you came up with the 3 a day, 1 day on/1 off program and would be more than thankful if you could perhaps strip it down for us in a post?
    Why do you plan it like you do with gymnastics in the morning, lifting as second and conditioning last? Benefits/Setbacks?

    I plan to use your template for my own regional build up within a few weeks!

    Best of luck with your new box!

  2. Hey Blair,
    Great blog - very exciting to read about the kind of things you can do out doors. I was very curious/ wondering do you have a day job? what do you do that pays the bills but affords you so much time to exepreiment with out door fitness?

  3. Hey Blair,

    Good luck with the new box and hope the open day is a blast. See you in Iceland!


  4. @chris, I'll break it down in a post soon so hang tight.
    @ sarah, i actually teach during the mornings at a career college. but even if i didn't there's always time for outdoor exploration!