Sunday, April 3, 2011


Finished the sectional workout with 14 rounds + 9 deads and 12 pushups. Honestly never stopped for more than a single breath and find it hard to believe it's humanly possible to complete 16 or 17 rounds as some out there are claiming. Conditioning felt great all the way and I'm very happy with this score. Gabe edged me by 13 box jumps in the end, tip of the cap to him. We were neck and neck the entire way as usual. Looking forward to the 3rd workout and hoping for something heavy and with clearer cut, more consistently enforceable standards.


  1. Impressive as always, I agree with you, bring on something heavy and fast! But my bet its going to be a 20min AMRAP!!!!

  2. Great work.

    You show skepticism at the validity of some of the results; a view I share. However, might this be a case of the pot calling the kettle black? While your range of movement probably is solid, you shouldn't be competing for the East Sac affiliate, especially when you have your own. Seems unfair to the other affiliates. Thoughts?

  3. pretty studly there, blair. great to see you on friday, btw. to your point, here's a link to crossfit oneworld. an interesting post about the scoring of the last WOD that i think you'll find interesting.


  4. I agree brotha... I'm a little skeptical of the standards of the movements at some of these affiliates. Kinda frustrating. BTW, still sore from those pushups and I did the WOD last wednesday haha. Gotta love CrossFit!!! Congrats on opening up your box too bud, i gotta come check it out when I head back to SAC

  5. awesome work brother. Competition is getting steep out there. Good stuff crossfit!

  6. I'm sure everything will sift itself out in the end. @Thomas, my participation for East Sac's team is because my affiliate only opened today. They've been my most consistent source of training and motivation since being here so I felt it was the right call.

  7. The following is a post from John Robison in Iraq. He asked me to forward via email since his firewall does not permit him to do so directly.

    Awesome job the past two weeks…I totally agree with you on validity of the results…unfortunately, we will not be able to verify the results until they are judged at Regionals…until then keep doing what you’re doing since it seems to be working…
    @Thomas- how can you say it’s unfair when Blair just had his Grand Opening on the 4th? How would he field a team, offer it to the first 4 males and first 2 females? Also, consider that he has been training with East Sac since he returned from Europe…I applaud him for sticking with them while he competes instead of using the Games as advertising for his affiliate. I too will be opening my own affiliate in Texas upon my return from Iraq in May and if I had the opportunity, I would compete with CF Central since that’s who I have trained with….So in your mind that is unfair?

  8. @ Blair & John:

    Fair comments.

    But bear in mind that the Games rules do not mandate that Blair compete for an affiliate at all. In fact, his aspirations are for the individual title. The Games format allows him to pursue that individual title without assisting a team with which he is only loosely associated.

    Moreover, Blair's blog seems to be based on the premise that one can achieve elite fitness "anywhere", and the vast majority of his posts reflect work he does alone and outside of any affiliate. To then associate himself with an affiliate at which he rarely trains seems inconsistent.

    I think the strict letter of the rules probably allows this. The athlete must merely "train" with the affiliate -- it does not say how often, and does not require the athlete to be a member.

    I just wonder whether Blair's association with this team is within the spirit of the rules, or consistent with the values he espouses on his blog.

  9. Doubting Thomas...

    Isn't one of the gifts of Crossfit the idea that it is a community that supports and encourages each other?

    It seems like he trains regularly WITH the folks from that affiliate. Whether he trains AT the affiliate 3x week--or whatever you think the required box attendance is--shouldn't matter.

    I don't agree that an athlete should have a "strong" affiliation--presumably measured by monthly attedance--to a box in order to partipcate on behalf of a team. Do you want to cut out the home crossfitter's that also have a loose association with their local box but want to compete with them in the games? Doesn't seem very inclusive or community-oriented to me.

  10. @ Thomas
    "and the vast majority of his posts reflect work he does alone and outside of any affiliate."

    I think that you are looking older posts, because if you look at a lot of the stuff from the last few months, many of the workouts posted are either at East Sac or are with the guys from East Sac as well.

    Also I agree with the last paragraph from Relax on the Mat, what you said is spot on and I could not have done better if I tried.

  11. Check out this interview with the winner of Event 2.