Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stairs and Double Unders

Workout of the Day

For time:

10 story stair climb

100 double unders

rest 5 minutes, complete 5 rounds

Finish with bear crawls down 10 stories.

Headed to downtown Sacramento and met up with some buddies to run the 14th and H parking deck. It’s the tallest such structure in the area and has thus become something of a training ground for local outdoor fitness enthusiasts. The idea behind the WOD was to pair an all out effort (stair sprint) with a skill movement (double unders). We were working on the ability to perform the skill while in oxygen debt and with pumped out legs… mission accomplished. My first split was 1:54, my second 1:52, the third 2:07, the fourth 2:07, and the last 2:04. By the 3rd round my legs were giving way by the seventh floor, making the rest of the way and the doubles really uncomfortable. Overall, this really taxed me and tested my body’s bounce-back recovery, something that becomes really important in the middle of a workout. Best part about this is that all you need is a jump rope, a stopwatch, and some stairs.


  1. Hi Blair, I love your videos. Came here via SicFit, but have read your Journal articles. Your workouts and life view are inspiring!

    My favorite video to date is the sandbag run at Folsom. That looked like a blast!

    What is your favorite jump rope? Can you recommend a specific brand? I have gone away from a heavier rope to a lighter one (basic Rogue rope). It is starting to come around, but I am still experimenting...

    I bookmarked this page and am looking forward to future blogs!

  2. hey ron, thanks for the nice words. my favorite jumprope is either the one made by crossgym (durable, fast, and very easy to adjust) or the one by rev1 (extremely fast, but only good for indoor use).