Tuesday, October 4, 2011

315 lb front squat singles

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 – in the morning…

Parallette HSPU w/ kip for technique

WOD 2 – in the afternoon…

1 Front Squat every minute on the minute @ 90% 1RM until failure to complete

Reverse Hyper 15, 15, 15

WOD 3 – in the evening…

5 minute time cap:

500 meter row

AMRAP muscle ups

Note: Row and muscle ups are treated as individual WODs

Big bounce back day for squats. Just like with the back squats last cycle, I came into the singles having been demoralized by the triples and needing a strong showing. Having based my percentages off of a projected 350# 1RM, the WOD called for 315# front squats today. I was far from convinced this was going to happen, but sure enough it did. All 20 rounds. They weren’t easy—in fact there were a few that could’ve gone either way—but I got em all up. Gotta say that doing sets this way really ramps you up psychologically. Maximum concentration, maximum focus, and maximum effort every rep. Great practice for anyone who needs preparation for competition in a non-competitive environment.

The evening conditioning WOD was short and sharp. I went 90% + on the row and scored a 1:32, leaving just over 3:15 by the time I reached the rings to get the muscle ups done. In that time I was able to finish 18 reps.

I already took an Epsom salt bath tonight, looking forward to an icy dip in the river tomorrow.

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