Monday, November 7, 2011

Run the Mountain

A few of us headed up to South Lake Tahoe for a trail run Saturday... turned out to be a little snowier than expected!!! 2 miles uphill in 6 inches of snow is a different type of run, let me tell you. Totally cool experience and a beautiful view at the top though.
Between the altitude and the snow I think this type of thing is incredible training. Those of you out there complaining about cold weather climates... come off it and take advantage!!


  1. Blair, blog is awesome as always. Congrats at the most recent games. I was curious how many days per week you train(or sessions per week). I was curious if you blogged out all of your training or just when you wanted to post. Do you find you get burned out/injured with all of the training you do or have you adapted to it pretty well?


  2. What trail/peak did you head up in South Lake?