Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wales and Dragon CrossFit

Workout of the Day

Weighted Chin Up 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

With a 2 minute timecap, complete the following for max lunges:

7 muscle ups

AMRAP overhead lunges (55#)

Rest 2 minutes and complete 4 rounds

I’m in Wales bitches!!! Eating Welsh stuff, getting soaked to the skin by the driving rain, and training at Dragon CrossFit in Cardiff. After a break of dawn arrival at Heathrow International where I was greeted by good friends Ross and Dan of Icelandic cinematographic fame, I spent most of the day getting acquainted with the venues which we will use for the Anywherefit adventure on Sunday. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that this thing is going to be far more epic than I first imagined. Those of you out there who are planning on joining us, come ready for a day of mixed modalities, harsh elements, and unreal scenery. We will lift, run, carry, and climb our way through Wales and towards a deadman’s slumber that night, this I promise you.

As for tonight’s workout, Andy and the kind gents at Dragon CrossFit opened their doors and took on the above WOD with me. As an interval, I expected this to be a middle of the row type workout, mostly targeting the upper body. It turned out to be a bit more difficult than that and the limiting factor was my legs! Either I’m still a bit worn out from the travelling or my legs don’t have quite the pop I’d hoped they would. Probably a bit of both. Either way I managed the muscle ups pretty well considering, making all 7 the first 3 rounds and 5+2 the final. My lunge totals were 57, 45, 40, and 34, respectively, for a total of 176.

Loved the feel of this gym and the people in it. Looking forward to getting back there Saturday for some technical skill practice before embarking on the big day Sunday.


  1. They have got to have some wicked t-shirts.

  2. You have any favorite wods to do in a hotel gym with dumbells? I have seen/done the one you did with squat cleans and the treadmill along with the khalipa/spealler hotel wod, any others?