Monday, February 20, 2012

Training Day

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 – in the morning… Back Squat 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 Good Mornings 10, 10, 10 Strict Toes to Bar 10, 10, 10 Extended plank hold 3 x partner time duration on toes to bar

WOD 2 – On the beach in the afternoon… 5 rounds for time: Station 1: 40 yard mixed terrain run with wall hurdle Station 2: AMRAP db thrusters (12.5 kg) Station 3: AMRAP kb swings (24 kg) 3 athletes working at all times, whoever is at station 1 determines the time domain per round

Rest 5 minutes.

4 rounds, each for time: 10-20 yard sand suicides 40 yard kb drag (24 kg)

Rest 5 minutes.

1 attempt, max distance partner wheelbarrow walk.

Big thanks to Andrew Berridge of WOD Tours, letting us crash his gym and knock some iron around. Because of his hospitality, we got under some heavy weight today, the most painful part of which was definitely the sunburn I retained from our hike along the coast the day before. No worries though; a little discomfort here and there is a good thing. Makes you appreciate the times when you’re not an idiot and apply sunscreen in evenly dispersed, non-splotchy coats. The bigger issue was that stepping on the scale I realized I’d lost about 8 lbs since departing California. I’m guessing this is a combination of the 15 hour flight, the hot weather constantly dehydrating us, and not getting as much food as I’m used to, but whatever the cause it was a little shocking to see. I could feel the difference under the bar as well. The weight felt super heavy on my back, and I was only able to lift 170 kg for my top set of 3. That’s a good 30 lbs under my 3RM. Gabe had similar issues, so at least I knew it probably had to do with our circumstances and not some crazy, spontaneous loss of manliness.

The assistance work we followed our squats with left a more positive taste in my mouth. I’ve been slacking on the good mornings so I know I’ll feel them for a few days, and the toe to bar combined with plank holds put just enough stress on my middle to call it a day.

In the afternoon we headed down to Coogee beach with Nick and some of his gear in search of a good place to do a conditioning WOD in the sand. John, Gabe, and I split the duties and programmed a mini WOD each that would last 5 minutes or less. We did mine first, a constantly moving circuit between a run with a wall hurdle, light thrusters, and kb swings. This got things moving without destroying us, everyone getting around 10 reps per round at the weighted movements in the time allotted by the run. We finished 5 rounds in 5:24. The sand suicide/kb drag interval was an absolute crusher. No single interval lasted longer than :30, so it was a high intensity burst of effort, but it didn’t allow much rest between rounds either. The sand was deep, demoralizing, and difficult to navigate while dragging a 24 kg behind (used a pullup band). After this effort we were all spent.

The final mini WOD was a single effort: max distance partner wheelbarrow walk. Way fun, and way tough. We faced uphill so as to make it a little more difficult in the sand (which it was) and just started going. I wound up going the farthest of the 3, but have no idea how far that was. There’s some video floating around somewhere that I will try to upload.

We spent some much deserved time floating in the sea upon completion of this mess, and are planning a road trip a few hours north to see a bit of the country tomorrow.

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