Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 1

Tuesday was registration day at the CrossFit Games, and holy shit was this a cool deal. Imagine 3 ballrooms filled with staff, dressing rooms, and shoeboxes. Populate those rooms with a hundred of the fittest, happiest, most gracious people in the world. You look left and there are tailors fitting clothing. You turn the corner and there are ovens heating shoes. You got family and friends carrying bags of gear because there’s literally more than you can handle. Your arms are stuffed with paleo friendly snacks, tape, uniforms, compression gear, outerwear… you name it. This is not your run of the mill CrossFit throwdown.

Throughout the day I took the opportunity to re-connect with some old faces from years past. Catching up with all these people becomes the real pleasure of competing year after year. The quality of individual found here is hard incomparable. People from different walks of life, different regions of the world, and different motivating forces all coming together respectfully and humbly. And to see friendships develop over the course of a few days separated by years is something special I think.

I took a little video footage at dinner and back at the hotel to give you an idea of what the environment is like. I meant to take more but got carried away with things and forgot. More to come the next few days I hope.