Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swim WOD and Paddleboarding

Workout of the Day

Swim 200 yards

Bearcrawl 100 yards

Swim 200 yards

A big group of us from the gym met out at the Sac State Aquatic Center this morning to submerge ourselves in the icy goodness of Lake Natoma. With water temperatures hovering around 60, this was a far cry from the painful experience at Horsetail Falls 2 weeks ago. Still, it wasn’t comfortable. But everyone made it through the WOD safe, sound, and with hefty smiles.

Afterwards we hung around and rented paddleboards for the next hour or so. This, somewhat predictably, turned into a test of balance, handstand prowess, and evasive maneuvers as we were all trying to knock one another of his/her board. SO MUCH FUN!!! By the end of the day no one cared how cold the water was, only when the next time group paddleboarding was going to be programmed. A little light-hearted exercise never hurt anyone… sometimes simply going out and “playing” is exactly what we need to do. Today was a great reminder of that fact.

Also, I've attached the link to Folsom's Thursday Night Market footage from the other day. Check it out below.

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