Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anywherefit Iceland about to kick off...

We're on the eve of the biggest fitness adventure of the year and I wanted to take advantage of the internet while I had the chance. Preparations are made and everything is falling into place perfectly. As you can see by the pictures of all the food, this is going to be a serious nutrition fest...
Tomorrow we are meeting the other 29 people joining the trip at the central bus station before heading downtown for lunch and travel decompression (ice cold beer :-) The newly crowned fittest woman in the world, Annie Thorisdottir, will be joining us for the afternoon as well. Hopefully the weather holds up all week so there aren't any hitches with the planned events. Any time we have access to internet I'll send an update so those of you weren't able to join can live vicariously through those that were. All for now!


  1. I can't wait for a next opportunity, would have loved to be there. I hate my thesis!!!!