Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anywherefit Iceland: Midterm Report

So we are in Akureyri, up along the northern coast of Iceland. It is the 5th day of this adventure, but so much has already happened that it feels like a month. We’ve lightly toured Reykyavik, stopping to do burpees and muscle ups on the walls surrounding Iceland’s parliament building garden. We’ve run/hiked 25 km from the Valley of the Gods to the southern coast, crossing canyons, active volcanos, and more waterfalls than I can remember. We’ve soaked in natural hot springs, safari’d across the highlands, done barbell complexes on the barren wasteland, and buddy carried each other to the top of the largest volcanic crater in Europe. Amidst this beauty we’ve taken time to train skills like handstands, pistol squats, and Turkish getups. It’s almost shocking to think we have as much time in front of us as we do behind.

The crew I am travelling with is motley to be sure, but the mix has given each of us something to share. The histories and cultures of the U.S., Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, England, Wales, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Ukraine are all represented. This has made for a multi-faced interpretation of a joint experience, an interpretation that has benefited all.

The group has so far gelled around what we have in common (a love for action, fitness, and travel), and ripened through those things that we do not. Each individual’s motivations and expectations have brought a different personality to the trip, which has, in my opinion, molded this experience and this group into an impressive whole. It’s fun to see people go from perfect strangers at the bus stop Friday afternoon to best of friends around beers and cards on Monday night.

Although our days thus far have been impressive, we have hit snags as well. Two blown tires on our bus and a fractured wheel bearing on our trailer have raised logistical hurdles that our staff has handled brilliantly. In truth, I think the problems we faced early on actually contributed to the cohesion of the group. So maybe they were a blessing in disguise. Maybe ;-)

We’ve eaten well, worked hard, and been blessed with a wonderful variety of weather that has suited each occasion. Our accommodations have been outstanding. I feel guilty expressing so much excitement and positivity about the first half of the trip because I know there are those of you out there who were meant to come. But alas, it can’t be helped. This place is awesome! I don’t know when I’ll have access to the internet again, but it most likely won’t be until this weekend. Keep training hard and stay tuned for more.


  1. That looks like the experience of a lifetime in a life full of experiences of a lifetime. I'm sure that many of us reading wish we were there and if that knowledge can add to your enjoyment in any way, use it!

  2. Alright, I am officially jealous, but keep the gloating coming! Next time I am there yo!