Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rope Scaling the Big Hill

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 – in the morning…

High Bar Complex, 5 rounds with rest:

Strict pullup, kipping pullup, kipping muscle up, front roll, glide kip muscle up, front roll, back roll to support, front roll

WOD 2 – in the afternoon…

3 Front Squats every minute on the minute @ 80% 1RM

100 abmat situps for time

WOD 3 – in the afternoon…

3 minute time cap:

200 foot hill ascent

AMRAP in time remaining- 10 wall balls (20#) 10 sledge swings (16#)

Even the easy weekend of football watching and food splurging couldn’t fully recover my posterior chain from Friday’s deadlift massacre. I am definitely still sore in my hamstrings and erectors, not to mention my upper back and shoulders from the high repetition power snatches in the evening. Still, I felt way good enough to go and could not have expected to be as overmatched by the squat workout as I proved to be.

To remind everyone, I did a 5 repetition e.m.o.t.m. front squat with 245# last week and managed 10 rounds. Not stellar, but passable for the estimated 1RM of 350#. This week I used that same estimated max to calculate a working weight of 280#. When I say it was crushing me, I am not exaggerating. Either I am far from the strength level I was last Monday or there is a HUGE difference for me between 10% increases in front squats. I was doing singles by the 2nd round and only managed to complete 4 full rounds + 2 squats. This was easily my biggest failure when it comes to this protocol and it leaves me wondering a bit if it’s too demanding to allow other heavy lifts the same week. Something to tinker with going forward, perhaps.

The late afternoon brought with it some redemption in the form of a badass conditioning WOD. I drug coach Matt out to Lake Natoma along with 200 feet of climbing rope, a 20# med ball, and a 16# sledge. We anchored the ropes to each other and then to a tree atop the biggest mound out there and proceeded to tear our way up and down the hillside. This was unreal fun, and super difficult. Sticker bushes, bee hives, max heart rate… you name it and we were dealing with it. Check out the video link below.


  1. Hi Blair,
    Really enjoy your programing, is this new "on the minute" strength stuff something you are experimenting with for more of a muscular endurance aspect? did you find that when you were cycling the Wendler %s that the 3 sets weren't enough volume? This new approach seems to be quite the beat down, and I wonder if recovery from these sessions would be harder, even with the 1on-1off approach.
    Sorry for all the questions, I geek out about this stuff, and when my work life allows it, I like to mimc the high training volumes and the extra rest in my programming.


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