Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Get Running

Workout of the Day:

In the morning…

Run 10 k for time

In the evening…

Trans-Continental Workout #4

With 1 minute rest between all sets, do the following for as many repetitions as possible:

1 minute 140 kg deadlift

1 minute 60 kg thruster

1 minute strict pullup

1 minute pushup

1 minute 120 kg deadlift

1 minute 50 kg thruster

1 minute strict pullup

1 minute pushup

1 minute 100 kg deadlift

1 minute 40 kg thruster

1 minute strict pullup

1 minute pushup

This morning I got to run without the dog and without the snow, so I expected to feel fairly fast. I did not. It was very cold today and initially I found it difficult to open up my lungs for big breaths. After that, I felt that my legs just weren’t as light as they should have been, but maybe this is just from my not having run too much until recently. The course I took turned out to be 10.5k (6.5 miles) in reality, so I definitely got the work in. I finished in 42:37, meaning I averaged just under a 6:30/mi pace. I’d like to see this number lower, but not bad overall.

This evening I did my half of the 4th Trans-Continental Workout with my friends from Balance Gym in D.C. After speaking with Josh about it, he recommended that I add on to the prescribed workout (just the 1st round above). So I did. Definitely a good decision. Doing 3 rounds with decreasing weight was perfect, and posed a sizeable mental challenge to finish. My first round I totaled 19 deadlifts, 16 thrusters, 15 pullups, and 45 pushups, for a total score of 95. The second round went 18 deadlifts, 14 thrusters, 11 pullups, and 30 pushups, for a score of 73. The final round was 19 deadlifts, 16 thrusters, 8 pullups, and 31 pushups, for a score of 74. My grand total was 242 repetitions. Counting the 1 minute breaks between each set, this routine took exactly 24 minutes to complete. I like this interval format because it tests recovery and allows you the time to string exercises together that can expose weaknesses in combination.

I was most happy with the deadlifts, and most disappointed by the pullups and thrusters. For the deadlifts, my back and hamstrings felt strong through all 3 sets. The limiting factor was strength in the first round, but breath in the second and third. For the pullups, strength was the limiting factor in all 3 rounds. Got to get better. The thrusters were a bit of a psychological collapse I think. I should have done more repetitions on all 3 rounds, but I found myself saving up energy for the work to come. Maybe it was strategy, or maybe it was a little mental weakness. I'm inclined to believe the latter.

Hoping for clear weather tomorrow and a workout in old town Leiden. Fingers crossed.

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