Wednesday, March 28, 2012

15 OH squats @ bodyweight!!!

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 – in the morning… 2 x 10 skin the cat 2 x 10 ice cream makers 3 x 5 hollow muscle up transition 3 x max kipping muscle up

WOD 2 – in the afternoon… Power Snatch 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 Overhead Squat 3 x max reps @ bodyweight 3 rounds for reps: 1 minute pipe flip (330#) 1 minute ghd situps 2 minutes rest

WOD 3 – in the evening… 20 minute AMRAP: 100 yard swim 10 wall muscle ups 20 walking lunges (35# kb each hand)

Heavy workload today, but very well balanced. Highlight was definitely the overhead squats at bodyweight. I’ve never been able to complete the 15 rep benchmark and always wanted to. Today I got 15 reps my first set and 14 my second, majorly eclipsing my previous best of 13 reps. My third set I started to feel some pain in my left wrist so I stopped after just 2 squats. We followed this up with a minute of pipe flips and a minute of GHD situps x three rounds with rest. I’m getting MUCH stronger with the pipe, getting 4 flips in each of the first 2 rounds and 3 in the third. Think it’s time to re-test the 5 minute max flips I did back in December.

This evening Jay and I headed to the pool for a longer conditioning effort. The rain was pouring down, making this a super cool and unique environment to train in. It definitely brought me back to the days of being at early morning swim practices as a kid when the weather sucked and all you wanted to do was stay in bed. Just as in those days, the feeling quickly passed as soon as we were in the water. I managed 6 rounds plus 75 yards in the pool before time expired. Never felt crushed by this WOD, but was beyond comfort the entire time. Overall very happy with this day.


  1. Hey Blair here Blas from Argentina. I have been reading about programming and when I read the way you were rogramming it made a lot of sense to me. Since then I stopped using the 3 days x1 programming. I know program 3 trainings per day for me, 5 days of the week, three weeks on , one off. It is quite demanding I have to say, but until know it has been lot of fun experimenting i have to say. Yesterday I did Lullaby as my 2 wod of the day and finished it in 24 min 15 s. That WOD was so cool. I would love to go in one of those trips through iceland or Europe, but i cant afford it yet. I am opening my box and I have to invest a lot in the place and in new elements. Wanted to let you know i am a constant reader of this blog from Argentina. My box will be called CF "Underdog", in Buenos Aires. Maybe you can come and check it out as a part of your own trips training around the world! That would be awesome!
    The best,

  2. absolutely Blas, thanks for reaching out. i have another friend in buenos aires who i've been meaning to visit so i will definitely come check out CF underdog (Great name by the way).