Monday, March 5, 2012

Recovery WOD

Got out to what's left of Folsom Lake today for a quick soak. Water temperature somewhere in the mid 50's... felt amazing.
Less than a month until the deadline for deposits to Anywherefit 2012, both Iceland and Munich trips. Below is a clip from the Wales trip last fall, just to remind everyone out there how incredible this experience can be.


  1. Again, thanks for the inspiring blog! In a previous post you asked for others' results on "death by 2-pood kb swings", and I just saw a 21 rds+14 result from a Swedish athlete. Must try it some time soon..!

    /Anders, Sweden

  2. Love your blog..! Discovered it a couple of weeks back and started from page 1. When I need to get my head of things your blog does it. Thanks!

    Greeting from a dane in the states..