Tuesday, March 13, 2012

400 meter relay

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 – in the afternoon… Plow transitions & headstands

WOD 2 – in the evening… 15 minute AMRAP: 400 meter air-dyne 400 meter row 400 meter run

Last week I didn’t get to train much due to a little crunchiness in my left knee after the 12.2 snatch workout. I decided it would be better to take a few days off to let things calm down rather than push things unnecessarily. Because I was in the middle of a good program, this was hard to do, but looking back it was definitely the right decision. Sometimes you have to push on and sometimes you have to be patient. Knowing when to be which is the key.

Tonight’s WOD was a conditioning monster, the first in what should be a great month or two of conditioning biased programming to get my motor tuned up for the regionals. The worst part of this particular workout was definitely the row. I expected the air-dyne to be awful but it was by far the easiest portion. The row crushed my legs and the run was just uncomfortable after everything else before it. I finished 4 rounds in 15:12.

There’s still time to jump on the Anywherefit trips this summer. For more information on the Iceland trip go here. For Munich go here.

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