Monday, April 2, 2012

63 deadlifts

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 – in the morning… Go as far into the following sequence in 12 minutes: 1 deadlift (315#), 1 toe to bar, 1 burpee 2 deadlifts (315#), 2 toes to bar, 2 burpees 3 deadlifts, (315#), 3 toes to bar, 3 burpees etc…

WOD 2 – in the afternoon… 5 mile trail run

The goal today was to work heavy deadlits into a WOD that would require me to do them at a high heart rate. Borrowing the template from 12.5 I felt a capped time with increasing reps was the best way to keep things heavy but get some volume in as well. I made it through 10 roundsd + 8 deadlifts in 12 minutes. Definitely a good one to try for those of you heavy lifters that struggle with bodyweight exercises, or you bodyweight ninjas that are scared to lift heavy. A good balance of both.

The trail run was amidst rain, mud, and cold weather, taking me back to the mountain run I did in Wales not too long ago. So much fun getting wet on a run!! My calves and back were screaming pretty good the whole way but I still managed to get through the distance in 35 minutes. Getting these kind of runs in is vital for my training… it teaches you how to breathe when you’re tired and gets a 30-40 minute non-stop effort on the books, which rarely happens in CrossFit.


  1. Regarding Wod 2, I totally agree that it's fun how a broad sport like crossfit often lacks focus on endurance. Or other sports outside the (often quite narrow) definition of fitness Crossfit has adopted. Shouldn't we be able to perform reasonably well given ANY task? I mean, if ppl put half the effort they invest in PR:ing their back squat by another 5-10 lbs into their 5 or 10k, it'd probably decreasing their run time by 5-10% (e.g. from 50 to 45 min on 10k). And yes, running is general fitness.

  2. totally agree man. like anything, people will trend away from that which they least enjoy. the majority of crossfitters come from a bodybuilding background rather than an endurance one, hence they enjoy the iron more than the road and program it far more often.

  3. I did both of your wods again today Blair. THe first one I did it with 100 kg, for two reasons: one that I dont have enough weights yet, two I felt 100 was still fairly heavy to me. I felt it in my arms and forearms as soon as I finished it, very similar to Fran felling. Did 11 rounds and 10 burpees, almost 12 rounds completed, which would have been 1 round per minute average, that would have been nice and it would have been possible if I hadnt stopped so much in the last stretch. Did this wod at 1300.
    The 2d Wod was spectacular, I totally love the road but as you both say we are not used to program for the road as much as for the oly, or power lifting or the heavy metcon. Finished in 35 second flat the 8 km run which is aproximately 5 miles. I have a nice park with no cars, is the argentinian "central park" haha. Programmed the run in googlemaps so i fell it was pretty accurate bout the 8 km. :D felt great, kind of a zen sipirted activity if you ask me ;) -- find peace in the midst of chaos--

  4. Awesome metcon! Inspired by ur previous posts, I did this on my parents-in-law's farm, in 5-inch snow in Southern Sweden. I used a heavy (not #315, but my 5-6 RM) tree trunk, and subbed V-ups for burpees. Got 10 rds +7 deadlifts. This captured one essence of crossfit; lifting heavy while breathing heavy.

  5. Re-tested and found the log to be approx 10RM, later the same night when drunk..