Friday, April 27, 2012

1 mile Air-Dyne revisited

Workout of the Day
WOD 1 – in the morning…
21-15-9 kipping handstand pushups, rest 1 minute between sets.
15-9-7 kipping handstand pushups, rest :30 between sets.
9-7-5 kipping handstand pushups, rest :20 between sets.
WOD 2 – in the afternoon…
Flo or Press 3 x max reps at bodyweight with pause at bottom
For completion:
40 pullups, 30 shoulder to overhead (135#), 50 yard overhead carry
40 pullups, 20 shoulder to overhead (135#), 50 yard overhead carry
40 pullups, 10 shoulder to overhead (135#), 50 yard overhead carry
WOD 3 – in the evening…
1 mile air-dyne sprint for time
Crushed it today.  Had a major break-through on kipping handstand pushups so that I now feel they are a strength rather than a weakness.  I was unbroken on all sets this morning, minus one where I lost my balance.  Strength and fatigue weren’t a factor for the first time ever.  Hopefully this translates into performance gains in hspu WODs like Diane. 
In the afternoon we continued the assault on the upper body, floor pressing to failure at bodyweight (I got 21, 17, and 14 reps for my three attempts), then tackling a variation of Regional WOD 4.  I could definitely use a little more time on the pullup bar to tighten things up, so I’ll look to put that into the program over the next few weeks.  Other than that I felt great.  My shoulder to overhead movements were crisp and clean, the overhead carries very manageable.  And none of this felt taxing aerobically.
That changed when I got to the air-dyne, however.  This marked only the second time I’d tackled the 1 mile time trial, but in the interim I’ve spent more than a few workouts on the thing so I felt confident I would improve.  My previous best time was 2:17.5.  My time tonight was 2:16.3.  Not a ground breaking improvement, but an improvement nonetheless.  I was destroyed afterwards, just as before, and am still feeling a little wheezy in the lungs.  All you doubters need to buck up and go all out for a mile to experience it for yourselves. 
CrossFit Campground is happening on Saturday.  Can’t wait for a beautiful day of training outdoors by the river!!!

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