Monday, April 30, 2012

CrossFit Campground

WOD 1 – Saturday morning…
7 minute AMRAP:
7 stone squats
7 wall balls
10 foot wall climb with rope
7 wall balls
WOD 2 – Saturday afternoon…
3 rounds for time:
7 deadlifts (345#)
7 muscle ups
3 rounds for completion:
21 toes to rings
21 hand release pushups
WOD 3 – Sunday morning…
Run the mountain
First campout of the season and the weather could not have been better.  Ended up just being 3 of us that went so the equipment needs were light.  One barbell, some bumpers, a rope, and a medicine ball.  The icy river flowing next to our campsite didn’t hurt either when it came to recovery baths.  We got up there pretty early on Saturday to secure a good spot by the water, set up camp briefly, then went on a walk to find a good location to do a WOD.  Not too far up river from us was an old cement foundation that used to be a cable crossing.  It’s little more than ruins now, but the face of it was still intact enough to be a good wall for climbing.  We strung the rope over the top and anchored it to a boulder on the other side.  Halfway up the wall there was a ledge deep enough to do wall balls on so we positioned a medicine ball as a task to be done once reached.  This workout couldn’t have been more fun.  It was tough, challenging, dirty, and exhilarating.  I’ve included a video of it below.
Later that afternoon I took a shot at the first portion of Regional WOD 6, 7 deadlifts and 7 muscle ups, to see how it would feel.  Deadlifting on the dirt didn’t do me any favors—you forget how much you depend on the bar bouncing off the ground to do consecutive reps. It was much harder than I anticipated, taking me 5:15 to complete, and I was out of air for the majority of the WOD.  Knowing that this will only constitute 1/3 of the entire workout in competition, I think taking a slower approach will be the way to go. 
Before leaving on Sunday we ran the 2 mile trail out of the canyon.  Didn’t time this, but I’ve run it once before and this felt every bit as hard.  This type of training will never be an event in the Games but it’s so difficult and unique that I think every crossfitter should be doing it.  

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