Friday, June 8, 2012

Back Handsprings!!

Workout of the Day
90 minute gymnastics session
Today marked the second consecutive Thursday that I've spent at the International Gymnastics Centre in West Sacramento.  Honestly, I think I'm aiming for 52 consecutive weeks--this is just too much fun.  Today we worked on some parallel bar drills that I'm absolutely going to employ for general strength building.  Straight arm swing throughs, bent arm swing throughs, back up raise, front up raise, weird muscle up variation (I'm making up all of this terminology, if you haven't noticed).  Eventually the goal is to be able to swing into a handstand and do a pirouette.  Whether that happens remains to be seen.
We also continued the tumbling lesson from last week where I was able to do half decent front handsprings by the end of the day.  Happy to report I have improved to just plain decent front handsprings and have added quasi half decent back handsprings.  These were difficult to figure out for me, but by the end of the day I was doing them with no spotter.  Hopefully by next Thursday I'll be ready for the London Games.
The video below is from Memorial Day weekend in Almanor.  Some pretty cool footage of how to create a workout with nothing but the surrounding environment.  All the better when the environment is gorgeous and austere.  Enjoy.

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