Wednesday, September 19, 2012

AWF Munich-Vienna-Prague Day 8

Rest Day

Day 8 was a free day for everyone in the group to explore Prague in any way they wished.  Different groups made different plans, some hiking all over the city viewing castles, museums, and cafes, while others chose a single area and spent more time off their feet relaxing. 
That evening we all reconnected for dinner in the Old Town Square at the Rott hotel.  Amazing organic food at this place, FYI.  Everyone was telling stories from their day, sharing pictures, and enjoying the food.  I could tell that people were pretty worn down, though, from the long day yesterday and just the accumulated wear and tear of the trip.  I had hoped that the day off would serve to re-charge everyone’s batteries and that the would be ready to roll the following day for the Czech Beast Challenge, but as I looked around the room I wasn’t so sure.  Especially since we were going to have to wake up at 5:00 am to catch our train out to the town where it was being held.  But aside from getting a good night’s rest, there wasn’t much else to be done.

After eating well the group headed home to hit the sack and prepare for the final challenge of the trip.  

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