Monday, September 24, 2012

AWF Munich-Vienna-Prague Days 9-10

Workout of the Day

12 minute AMRAP:
20 thrusters (95#/65#)
60 meter shuttle
20 burpees over box (24”/20”)
60 meter shuttle
20 kb swings (24 kg/16 kg)
60 meter shuttle
20 hand release pushups
60 meter shuttle

Obstacle Course for time

All night dance party
Day 9 was our last official day of activity, and it started early.  We were awake and outside the hotel catching the tram by 5:20, connecting at the central train station at 5:50.  Impressive mobilization by our crew who, by this time in the trip, are pretty much professional get-up-and-go types.  Everyone had their bags and pillows clutched tightly to their chests, a few small snacks from the hotel for breakfast, and long, tired, faces.
The train ride out of Prague was enjoyable. I found myself a coach with enough room to lay down, so that helped things a bit.  Roughly 2 hours away, the town where the event was held definitely had a different feel from every other place we’d been on the trip thus far.  The train station was not in the town center, but rather on the outskirts amidst overgrown grass and crumbling brick buildings.  The landscape was heavily wooded and quiet, giving the place a forgotten feel.  Immediately when we stepped off the train everyone was in awe of the surroundings.  This was a slice of Eastern Europe that harkened back to the Cold War and I could tell the group was loving every minute of it. 
We walked through town, not seeing a single pedestrian besides out party.  Perhaps it was because it was a Saturday morning before 9:00, but it felt eery nonetheless.  We arrived at the local school house where the challenge was to take place and made our way through registration without much event.  The interior of the gymnasium was priceless.  Old, stained wooden floors with retractable gymnastics rings hanging from the ceiling; stretching bars on the walls and parallel bars in the corner.  It reminded me of the place I trained in Paris while studying there: old, out of date, but completely austere and charming. 
The events were planned to take place out back on the black top, so we started making our way there to get a better idea of what was in store for us.  Our hosts were very accommodating in their explanation of the event, realizing that we weren’t understanding a word of Czech.  It sounded like we would be able to participate in the first 2 events before our train back to Prague departed and both WODs looked great. 
The first was a total ass kicker.  12 minutes of thrusters, burpees, kb swings, pushups, and shuttle runs.  For the majority of the people on the trip, this was about to be their first experience with competitive crossfit and they were looking understandably nervous.  As everyone who has been in this position knows, however, as soon as the WOD started there were no issues.  It became about the work and nothing more.  A few notable performances:  Alexis did the entire workout rx’d while 5 months pregnant, Marlyn did it with a sprained foot, and Brittany with back spasms.  John, Jeff, and Jenn formed a team and finished with the best time of any affiliate there.  Sven and I finished more rounds than any other male competitors and Nica was the 3rd best female.  All in all, the Anywherefit crew represented pretty damn well!
The second WOD was a short obstacle course that included a rope climb, a crouched weave between fence posts, hurdle jumps, a wall climb, and lateral cuts around cones.  With the slippery surface outside this was a true challenge and pure fun.  People were sliding all over the place, trying to move too quickly around the fence posts, and barreling over the 6 foot wall.  The whole time I was going through the course I couldn’t help smiling at the trickery of it all.  Here we were racing through a series of obstacles like we would when we were kids, something anyone could set up anywhere with the right creative outlook, testing fitness and loving every minute of it.  It was a great event for this trip and this group of people. 

As soon as everyone finished their run, we started packing up our gear and heading back towards the train.  Between the atmosphere of competition and the location of the event, I have to say this was the best way I could ever imagine wrapping this trip up.  The group was tighter than it had ever been, mutual respect across the board for all participants, and a sense of relief at what had been accomplished. 
We made a quick turnaround at the hotel and had one more phenomenal dinner as a group out in Prague.  Afterwards we hit the town in what can only be described as decidedly “unhealthy” style.  I won’t include details of this here, but it was one hell of a send off for a group of individuals that certainly deserved it. 
The following morning everyone went their separate ways, promising to stay connected via facebook and all other means of new age networking.  The first reunion has already been set for late October in Sacramento for the birthday of John Arroyo.  Again, the bond formed during 10 days of experiences like the ones we shared is the real payoff.  Views, museums, castles, places… all these things are static and re-creatable.  The Charles Bridge is breath taking, and will always be so.  20 strangers carrying bumper plates across is and doing pushups and deck squats there is the special part.  That is unique and unforgettable. 

Stay tuned for the highlight reel from Primal TV… coming soon!


  1. Hi Blair,

    That first workout seems to be a real killer =)
    May I ask how many reps / rounds did you go with your pal Sven?


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