Friday, November 16, 2012

55 muscle up WOD

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 - in the morning...

Floor Press w/pause 10 x 3
Weighted Chin Up 10 x 1
Ring Dips 3 x 12
Hollow Rocks 3 x 40
Fat Bar curls 3 x 10

WOD 2 - in the evening...

For Time:
10 to 1 Muscle Ups
1 to 10 KB snatch (each arm)

After a long rest week that included indoor rock climbing, gymnastics, and a light trail run, I started off week 1 in my new cycle by hitting the weights hard and feeling strong.  Floor Presses with pause is such a great exercise for teaching your body how to store tension.  Because the ground doesn't allow you to rebound like a normal bench press, you have to hold onto the tension in order to spring back out of it and take advantage of the muscles stretch/reflex potential.  I got up to 295# for 3, much more than I expected.  The weighted chins weren't as strong, mostly due to some elbow tendonitis that hasn't flushed all the way out yet.  I actually found that if I focused on squeezing more through my thumb that the pain lessened considerably.  Might be a technique worth trying next time this condition starts creeping in.

In the evening I hit a conditioning workout meant to test my ability to do muscle ups while tired.  High volume, short rest intervals was the goal.  I found this WOD to be encouraging early and discouraging late.  In the early rounds I was able to adjust my technique on the rings to become more efficient, feeling when I was pulling too early or not using my hips enough and making the adjustment.  Towards the end, however, I found I wasn't as keen in my perceptions.  Tired is just tired, after a while.  I finished the workout in 17:46, which isn't horrible, but I'd like to see this closer to 15:00.

Hitting up some big squats tomorrow, looking forward to it!

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