Friday, November 2, 2012

Training Week in Review

Took me a little while to recover from the Warriorz Throwdown a few weeks back... found myself drained until about thursday of last week.  The event itself was a total blast though!  For those of you out there who aren't familiar with this event, it's put on by Charlie Zamora of Warriorz CrossFit in an effort to bring health and wellness to the forefront for the people of Elk Grove.  It's a well run event with a relaxed vibe that everyone participating really appreciated.

The unique part of this competition is that you are partnered up on the day of the event without prior knowledge of your teammate. Charlie invited most of the top athletes in California to take part, including Jenny Labaw, myself, Katie Hogan, Ben Alderman, Rebecca Voight, and more.  My partner was Sarah Hopping, an absolute studette from the bay area and a joy to compete with.  The whole day was a blast, the events ranging from a 2.5 mile medball carry for time to a combined DL/C&J total.  The only controversial moment came when one partner was asked to drape a set of rings over his/her shoulders and support the other partner doing ring pushups beneath them.  While I balked at this initially, it turned out to be a pretty cool part of the event.  100% of the weight was distributed to the legs, so no head or neck issues, and since the act of performing an isometric hold is so foreign to crossfit, it made the event pretty cool.

When all was said and done, Sarah and I tied for first place with Chad Augustine and Jenny Labaw.  But the bigger takeaway was seeing all these intense athletes relax and enjoy competition without pressure.  If everyone can carry this mindset into any given competition I guarantee they perform their best.

Getting back to my training, the last week has been a great one.

DAY 1:

Push Press 5 x 3 - Top set @ 225#
Bent Row 10 x 2 - Top set @ 245#
Pipe Flips 5 sets @ 330#
GHD Situps 4 x 25

DAY 2:

Back Squat 1RM - PR @ 426#
Deadlift 6 x 3 - top set @ 425#
Bent Row 3 x 8 @ 185#
Weighted Planks 2 x max time @ 160#
Sled Pulls 10 x 25 yards @ unknown weight

DAY 3:

Barbell Lunges 6 x 12 steps - top set @ 300#
Close grip Bench Press 10 x 4 - top set @ 265#
Sled Pull Throughs 3 x 25 yards - top set @ 280#

Saturday I am competing in another partner competition with a 13 year old girl from my gym.  Her name is Shea and she took 2nd at the CF Kids competition in the Games last summer.  If you don't know her name, take note of it now.  Girl is a serious athlete and beast.  Since we are hitting it hard this weekend, I laid off the conditioning this week.  Hopefully that strategy pays off for us, although the competition will be steep.

I attached the link for the 300# walking lunges below.  Never thought I'd be able to do that.


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  2. Hey Blair, just started reading your blog. You lived in Paris, don't suppose you know of any good outdoor gyms? I'm having a nightmare joining a proper one so in the mean time was wondering if there were any parks with pull up bars/ dip racks especially. I live in the 5th near luxembourg gardens so ideally somewhere i could run to from there. Any tips? Inspiring blog anyway, love the outdoor fitness vibe!


    1. hey adam, definitely feel your pain trying to find training outlets in paris. star charlety has a track and some bleachers that are useable. I honestly spent most of my time training at the different parks, the best one being part de beau chamont

  3. Thanks for the blog! Thats awesome about the walking lunges. Fit Four has some really great gloves for lifting. It's basically a four finger glove that isn't bulky or bunchy like a lot of other gloves. You can check them out at They are also on Twitter and Facebook. Pretty cool stuff. Thanks again for your blog!

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