Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who like to Press?

Workout of the Day

Close Grip Floor Press 10 x 1
Weighted chin ups 8 x 3
Ring Pushups 5 x 12
Front Rack holds at bottom of squat 3 x max time with 110# sandbag

Continuing to get stronger pressing weight away from my chest, even with a closer grip variation.  The biggest issue I'm finding is maintaining proper shoulder alignment during the lift.  I notice it's easy for me to want to elevate my shoulder blades and try to over reach the movement.  This is bad for 2 reasons.  1) I'm not as strong as when I pin my scapula to the ground and 2) I can feel slight impingement in my left shoulder when I do it.  This is not something I want to progress so loving everything down is a must.  Top set for these was 285#.

Photo: Jason showing off his spine/tibia relationship.

The coolest part of today's session was definitely the front squat holds.  I had the folks in Wales do a version of this during their first WOD, but today I decided to up the ante a little.  The weight was far heavier, and the object much more uncomfortable.  110# of sandbag is an awkward beast that doesn't let you breath comfortably or allow your arms the freedom of upward angles.  The result is the need for absolutely perfect bottom position in your hips and torso in order to support the weight.  I held each set for approximately :30, and could feel my upper back and shoulders failing before my legs, same as in a real front squat.  Not only do I think this is a good way to get people comfortable with a full depth front squat for technique, I think its a hell of a stretch to increase mobility there.  Only thing I'd suggest is not attempting to stand up out of your squat after staying down there for more than 5-10 seconds.  Sheering force will be pretty great and the muscles will have slackened from holding so long.  Not a good recipe.  Definitely work it in and see what you think.


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