Tuesday, April 2, 2013

KB Swing and Shuttle Run

Workout of the Day

Skill WOD:

EMOTM for 10 minutes
3 bar muscle ups
3 dive rolls


5 minute AMRAP floor press at 185#
Bent Row 4 x 10
GHD Situp 4 x 20
Thick bar curl 4 x 10
400 meter overhead carry (135#)


10 minute AMRAP
20 kb swings (32 kg)
120 meter shuttle

With the Open winding down, I'm finally getting myself back into a more regular program.  Even though this has been a really fun time of year for the gym and the community as always, I'm ready for some hard training with no set objective hanging over my head.  Today was a nice step in that direction.  Got 61 presses in 5 minutes, made the overhead carry only dropping the bar 3 times, and found a beautiful location for the conditioning WOD.

Check out the video below:

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