Thursday, April 4, 2013

Super Training

Workout of the Day

Skill WOD:

5 rounds for completion:
:30 overhead squat hold w/45#
:15 L sit hold
5 handstand pushups


Box squats 3 x 3, 3 x 2, 4 x 1
Thick Bar deadlifts 15 x 1

3 rounds for completion:
5 atlas stone to shoulder (175#)
10 dumbell rows (70#)
50 yard sled drag (235#)

I was substantially sore today after the heavy hitting upper body lifts, but still managed to soldier through.  Had another great session at Super Training with Mark Bell... ever since I've started training my squats and deads down there I've felt a major increase in my ability to move lighter weights with greater speed.  I think sometimes we focus so much on the increases in top end strength when the real gains are in our ability to move the lighter loads with less effort.  Training heavy is the key to developing both aptitudes.

I made it to 385# for my box squat single and think I had some more in the tank.  Still, I'm happy with that lift during the middle of the Open.  I've attached a video link that Mark posted from the last part of the session where Ben Alderman and I are hitting the assistance exercises.  He goes into some details about the program we've been doing, and his views on crossfitters training heavy in general.  As usual, Ben makes it look a lot easier than I do.

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