Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Floor Press PR!!

Workout of the Day

Establish 1RM Floor Press
@ 60% 1RM, complete AMRAP floor press in 3 minutes

3 rounds for completion:
1:00 battling ropes
20 GHD Situps
100 meter overhead carry (135#)

One day removed from 13.5, my quads were pretty destroyed.  Thankfully the program called for minimal lower body action so I was still able to train.  And to be honest, I felt pretty damn strong.  Warmed up really quickly and set a Floor Press PR at 326#.  I've recently been trying to include this movement once per week and I guess it's paying off.

Following it up with the 60% AMRAP was a bit more humbling.  In 3 minutes I was only able to knock out 43 reps, with my goal being 60.  A bit optimistic in hindsight.  The assistance work was a blast, though.  I included a short video clip below.

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