Friday, July 12, 2013

245# snatch + OH Squat

Workout of the Day

1 mile run
Diving Dolphin Flow

E2MOTM for 20 minutes:
1 Full Snatch + 1 OH Squat

3 rounds for completion:
20 ring dips
5 snatch grip deadlifts
20 toes to bar

After taking a day to rest and re-gather after a horrible training day monday, wednesday proved much more fruitful.  I decided to train alone today, in the gym, with all the lights out.  3:00 in the afternoon is about the deadest time of day at CF Anywhere Roseville, so I knew I wouldn't have much in the way of distraction.  The atmosphere took me back to my days in the Netherlands where I was secluded in my own little section of the gym apart from all the meatheads and rack chasers.

Starting out the weights felt decent, but not great.  I could tell I had some work to do to get my timing back.  But as the weights got heavier I got more confident.  I made 225# on the first attempt.  Missed 235#.  Got 235#.  Then I surprised myself by sticking 245# on my first attempt.  The weight felt super heavy off the ground but I had great speed getting under it. After this I made 3 attempts at 255# but never succeeded, always leaving it just a hair forward.  The biggest takeaway was that I have been snatching a lot at the 225# level and felt really comfortable there.  Not so much at the heavier weights and I could tell.  Will be changing that.

I read an article by Coach Rippetoe last week highlighting the importance of systemic overload.  The idea is that unless you're loading the bar with enough weight to stress the entire system, you're not going to get systemically stronger.  I like the idea of this because it is simple and it encourages lifting heavy.  As I was doing my snatch attempts at 255# I could feel my system adapting to the weight with each successive rep.  It's almost as if the body needs to learn how to lift a certain weight before it can actually lift it.

Going for a Back Squat 1RM tomorrow.

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