Tuesday, July 16, 2013

435# Back Squat PR!!!

Workout of the Day


3 mile Air Dyne
Prasara Yoga - Tumbleweed Flow


500 double unders for time


Establish 1 RM Back Squat
Deadlift for speed 7 x 3


3 rounds for completion:
12 walking lunges (185#)
6 atlas stones to shoulder (150#)
20 meter lateral sandbag drag (150#)

Made my way to a new back squat PR!!!  Pretty excited about it, needless to say.  And I really almost had 445#, just got a little ground up in the sticking point and couldn't pull out of it.  The rest of the session was a blur, but the combination of walking lunges, atlas stones, and sandbag drags definitely lit up my posterior chain.  Wouldn't be surprised if I'm walking like a gorilla after all this.  Probably going to take it easy tomorrow instead of training because on the weekend we're heading to San Francisco for an urban hike.  Gotta be ready for anything :-)

1 comment:

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