Sunday, May 16, 2010

9 weeks and counting

Not long until the Games in LA, and my rest week is over. Starting tomorrow I am taking on a very aggressive program that I have written over the past week which I will do my best to share each day. I intend to work hard for 3, then back off for 1, then repeat. It features an 8 day training week, of which 5 days are work and 3 days are rest. In those 5 days, I intend to do 2 endurance sessions, 3 strength sessions, and 4 metabolic conditioning sessions. To do this, I intend to train 3 x on Day 1, 1 x on Day 2, rest Day 3, 1 x on Day 4, rest Day 5, 2 x Day 6, 2 x Day 7, and rest Day 8. Every week will feature 3 sessions of 5/3/1, at least 2 outdoor WODs, a distance run, and a distance swim. This program is ambitious so I'm proceeding with cautious optimism. Plans are just plans until they go into effect, so we'll see how this experiment plays out.


  1. Best of luck with your program. I'm eager to find out how it goes.

    Just did a WOD in spirit of your training today. I did Cindy outside and used metal gates as pull-ups bars and dirt as chalk. My new favorite way to CrossFit!

  2. sounds grueling!

    hope with all that training you ffind time to put up some regional footage!

  3. good luck with the ambitious training schedule. on a different note, i have an old college buddy who works in dc and lives in virginia. he was diagnosed with adrenal cancer a year or two ago and wants to start doing crossfit. what's the best place to send him

  4. If he's looking to train in the city, send him to balance crossfit at thomas circle. otherwise crossfit fairfax is a great place in virginia. jeff tincher is the owner along with maggie daube. theyre great coaches leading a great community.

  5. Yo buddy,

    I like the aggressive mentality you put forth for yourself to prepare for the Games. Curious about what movements you will be really focusing in on. Your workouts, because of the location issues, have been heavy on the rope climbing, bear crawling, ring work and HSPUing. And while you have been making gains in your oly and power lifts, you have not really been able to get a ton of that in. Rowing, KB's, and some strict work have understandably not been a part of your programming.

    Do you intend to refocus on things you have not been able to focus on, or do you intend to continue with what you've been doing, just more of it?

    Though I'd throw it out there for you to analyze a little. Very proud of you for showing people that it merely takes innovation and dedication to achieve great things man, awesome work!


  6. hey josh, im planning on doing more bar work that i've missed out on. deadlift, back squat, and overhead press once per week each, plus one olympic session per week as well. so far this week things have all fit in well. still planning on doing the outdoor innovative stuff as well. with 9 sessions per week i can get it all in. just a matter of getting good rest in between.

  7. Finally got where all my questions began!! Nice!