Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 7

Workout of the Day:

AM - WOD 1:

Every minute on the minute complete one 7 meter weighted rope climb (7 kg). Continue until failure to complete.

PM - WOD 2:

For time

500 meter row

30 DB burpee/squat clean/thruster (16 kg)

15 Toes to bar

10 Handstand pushup

500 meter row

My legs were a little heavy today, but as I was expecting as much I took precautions. By precautions I mean sleeping in my recovery tights. Never thought I’d hear myself say something like that, but it’s true and it’s not the first time. Every time there’s a heavy workload that I know will make me sore I sleep in those things and it limits the effects the next day. Made things a lot easier today for sure.

The morning workout was out in the meadow behind the University Park. BEAUTIFUL morning. It gets light by 6am here, so by 8 things are in full swing. I packed up my duffle bag with a little extra weight (around 7 kg worth of blankets, shoes, etc.) and went about climbing. I hope that I would be able to get 10 climbs in 10 minutes going in, but that plan derailed around minute 5 when I lost my feet and burned a ton of time and energy trying to recover. I ended up completing 7 rounds before failing on the 8th. Still, not a bad showing. I did 2 extra climbs afterwards without the bag just because I felt like I should. A little extra practice never hurt.

This afternoon I met Niels at the college weightroom for a classic metcon. The idea here was to make it as intense as possible—a sprint with difficult elements thrown in. The first 500 went off in around 1:35, and I could already feel my legs starting to fatigue. Not a good sign with the DB burpee complex immediately to follow. This was terrible. The DBs felt twice as heavy as they were coming off the ground, and the squats were painful from the start. I ended up doing sets of 5 and 3 until I hit 30. Not sure how long it took me but it wasn’t fast. The toes to bar I did in 2 sets, no kipping at all. The pullup bar at this fitness center does not allow for any swing sadly. The handstand pushups were actually the easiest bit of all. I was able to knock out all 10 without issue and run back to the rower with just past 8 minutes gone. By the time I was strapped in and pulling, the clock was almost at 8:20, so I knew that sub 10 was possible if I didn’t go soft mentally. This proved a very valuable motivational tool. I pulled hard the whole way, counting my strokes to keep my mind off the meters slowly ticking down. My final time was 9:54. Niels came in at 11:39 and really gave it all he had. Great performance for a guy who really only just started training a few months ago. We were both out of commission for a good 10 minutes afterwards.

So, that puts week 1 of my program in the books. I had been worried that the workload would be too heavy, but now I don’t think so at all. The rest days and the work days balance out almost perfectly. At no time this week did I feel over-trained or weak (first day may be an exception coming back from rest week), and I think the WODs were very challenging across the board. Cannot wait til Tuesday to get after it again.

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  1. Great workout

    Do you know of any videos online that show how you can set up your rope for it....or maybe you could show us??