Friday, November 16, 2012

AWF Wales Day 1

Workout of the Day

In teams of 5:

Team member 1 - 1200 m trail run
Team member 2 - rest
Team member 3 - front squat bottom hold (log)
Team member 4 - AMRAP kb swing
Team member 5 - AMRAP shoulder to overhead (25 kg sandbag)
Continue until team has completed 8 runs.

Everyone met up at Dragon CrossFit at 1:00 pm to depart Cardiff and head for West Wales.  There were some familiar faces for me: Ben, Ricky, and Marco were part of the original Iceland trip in 2011, as well as a few others; there were quite a few repeaters from last year's Wales trip as well.  Only 2 hours in the bus and we were at Bluestone, the 5 star resort compound that will serve as our home base for the weekend.

The weather didn't break for us a bit, unfortunately, so we took to the grounds amidst drizzling rain and light fog.  Everyone was itching to train after the bus ride, however, so we hit the ground running.  Teams of 5 were quickly determined and the entire group began the jog across the village to the "Steep Ravine."  This is Bluestone's high adventure ropes course, complete with zip lines, tree climbing, and cargo nets.  All these fancy apparatus were closed, but the ravine itself was more than inviting.  On our walk through I instructed each team to select one object from a pile of chopped logs to use in the workout.  At this point they didn't know what they would use it for, I should add.

The workout began with just enough light to see the path down the ravine, but within 10 minutes that trail was darkening quickly.  Thankfully the hill climbing out the back side of the ravine was in a clearing so that piece wasn't a problem.  It was easy to see how difficult the front squat holds were proving, as everyone was fighting to keep their elbows from crashing almost immediately.  The penalty for dropping the log or coming above parallel was 10 burpees.

Every rep completed on the push press and kb swing would be counted as a second off their final time so nobody was slacking there.  The fastest team took 23:30 to finish the runs, but with their reps counted the time dropped to 7:15.  By the end of the WOD the sky was almost completely dark.  We trudged back to the lodge and changed quickly before heading over to the Blue Lagoon, a heated aquatic center complete with slides, wave pool, and lazy river.  It was a great way to chill out after the hard workout and long day.

Tomorrow we head off site to train in some of the most beautiful places Wales has to offer.  Gonna need the rest.


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