Friday, May 3, 2013

465# Deficit Dead

Workout of the Day

WOD 1 - in the morning...

7 minute AMRAP:
1 to 10 muscle ups
10 to 100 double unders

WOD 2 - in the afternoon...

Camber bar back squats
Deficit deadlifts
3 rounds:
1 minute plank
1 minute kb swing (32 kg)
1 minute ground to overhead with log (100#)

WOD 3 - in the evening...

Partner Relay
Deadlift (275#/185#)
Box Jump (30"/24")

Big day today.  I'm still feeling a little bit of tightness from the run last weekend, but more than that I can feel the pressing from yesterday.  I was worried that it might affect me on the muscle ups, but once I got into the workout it was out of my mind. This first WOD was more about skill practice than anything else, so the intensity was relatively low.  I did as many unbroken reps as I could on the muscle ups, making it through the round of 5 before having to split them up.  In total I finish 6 full rounds +  muscle ups and 66 double unders.  So pissed!  4 reps shy of 7 rounds in 7 minutes.  Would've been a great finish.

The strength training with Mark Bell was great as usual.  Just me and Ben today down there, but we got after it.  Managed 385# on the camber bar (bar shaped like a texas longhorn) and 465# on the deficit deads.  The real surprise was the 3 round assistance work he chose for us.  KB swings aren't usually in a powerlifters repertoire, nor are the log lifts, but it seemed to fit in great with the workout.

I'll admit, by the evening I was feeling pretty spent.  21-15-9 deadlift/box jump wasn't what I felt like doing.  But with a rest day on the horizon and the entire team onhand to train, I was able to re-fire the engines.  I was partnered with Hana, Denny was with Jenn, and Casey with Stef.  The idea was to mimick the Regionals WOD from 2 years ago where the male partner completes the entire workout, tags the female, and she does the whole thing at lighter weight.  3-2-1 Go and the three mini-teams were off.  I broke my deads into 11-10, 8-7, and 9 for the three sets, but went unbroken on all box jumps.  My time was 3:35, our time as a team was 8:24.  Apart from the discomfort of the workout itself, this was a blast!!! Something short and sharp to finish of the day in that kind of atmosphere was such a great taste of what the Regionals will be like.  I really hope we can continue to build towards doing this more often.

I know my back is going to be a little sore from the heavy deficit deadliest, but I'm going to soak in the American River tomorrow and hope that helps.  Next training session Thursday.

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