Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Team Practice at East Sac

Workout of the Day

5 rounds, rest between rounds:

2 rope climbs
4 squat cleans (225#)

Use 7 minutes to establish 3RM OH squat

7 minute AMRAP burpee muscle ups

Pretty awesome morning today!!! 12 of us from CFA descended upon East Sac for a morning session that offered a great change of scenery.  It'd been awhile since I trained down there with Justin and Travis, but the place always has a homey feel to it.  And it's always great seeing those guys.  Their team was still going through the process of deciding who was going to do what, sifting through workouts individually, so we carved out some space and got to work on the rope climb/squat clean practice.  No drama on the climbs, but MUCH tougher than I thought on the cleans.  I was expecting to cruise through those unbroken, but that simply was not happening.  Concentrating on fast singles is definitely going to be the better option on this one.

Afterwards we transitioned to OH Squats and used 7 minutes to establish 3RMs for all team members.  This was a bit tricky having to work up 3 people simultaneously, so I'm glad we got a dry run in.  Going to have to try it again a few times before game day, because I only had time to get up to 225#.  I'm hoping to be closer to 255# when alls said and done.

We wrapped things up with the 7 minute burpee muscle up sequence, each team member completing 3 reps then rotating out.  For all its creativity, this is a pretty boring exercise.  You can only move so fast between repetitions and the only real skill involved is how cleanly you can grab the rings.  Now, I really like the fact that team members have to rotate after 3 reps--this forces everyone on the team to be equally competent.  That being said, I'm not sure this is going to favor our team in particular.  Everyone can do the movement, just not indefinitely and on repeat the way others will.

After back to back weekends of field trips together, I can feel our team starting to gel a bit more.  2 more weeks to iron it all out!!

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