Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So I only wound up doing 2 workouts today, but they were good ones.
In the morning...
For time:
1000 m row
800 m run
10 rds of Cindy (5 pullup, 10 pushup, 15 squat)
800 m run
100 double unders
I finished the row in 3:24, not pushing too hard. But my legs were definitely still a little heavy getting out on the run. I think it took a few hundred meters for the cardio vascular effects of the row to kick in, because by the time I hit the pullups, pushups, and squats I was completely out of breath. That continued for all 10 rounds, though I was able to complete them without breaking any sets. The 2nd 800 meters was awful. Could not catch my breath at all. This probably took at least :30 longer than the first just because I couldn't get any air. When I got to the double unders, I had recovered a bit and was able to finish all 100 in 3 sets, stopping the clock at 21:19. This was a tough combination WOD. If I ever do it again, the goal will be 20:00, though I'm not sure where I'll be able to cut 80 seconds.
In the evening...
Establish a 1 rep max clean and jerk.
Hank was back training, so I got some good feedback on what I was doing well/not so well. I finished at 120 kg, 5 kg under my previous best. But, considering the morning WOD, I wasn't too disappointed with this outcome. If the Scandinavian Challenge has an olympic component, I'll feel confident I can get more weight.
To be honest, I'm slightly dreading the workout I've planned for tomorrow. Not really sure how it will turn out, but since it's the last one for the week I've got nothing to save up for.


  1. i hit that wod in 28.43 with a bastardized version of cindy (3 ring dips for the 10 pushups - desparately trying to get more volume on them). great wod... and nice time! you rock.

  2. thanks ec! wish you couldve been in Sweden this weekend. you wouldve dominated

  3. finished at 28:15 followed by 20 minutes on the floor! great wod