Thursday, October 1, 2009

Van der Werfstraat Wall

Today's workout took me back outdoors, just without the beautiful scenery of Sicily. A few weeks ago, I walked past this stretch of wall on the Van der Werfstraat in Leiden and thought it looked like a great spot to do some bodyweight, parkour style gymnastic training. I decided not to film this in its entirety because I knew it would take a while and it would be very repetitive. I did however, film a clip just to explain what each exercise was intended to look like. The workout was as follows:
10 wall muscle ups
1 handstand wall circuit
8 wall muscle ups
2 handstand wall circuits
6 wall muscle ups
3 handstand wall circuits
4 wall muscle ups
4 handstand wall circuits
2 wall muscle ups
5 handstand wall circuits
This was tough, and I recommend getting gloves. I didn't and wound up with a few cuts on my hans from small shards of glass. The wall was just shy of 9 feet high - perfect height for this type of routine. I finished in 15:14. Chickaro did it in 29:09. We were both feeling it in the shoulders and core, but I gotta say, I really liked using the wall. It requires a different kind of strength to climb and walk on your hands than you build in the weightroom. I think I'm going to incorporate this location into some runs in the future.

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