Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rest Day

I have been getting progressively more sore as the day has crept on. Last night's workout, the more I think about it, was very different from my usual WODs, perhaps revealing a hole in my programming. Looking back, I've subconsciously categorized squatting with weight as purely a strength exercise, meaning I never do it except on heavy days. Since I've been in the Netherlands, I think I've only included weighted squatting one time in a metabolic conditioning workout, and that was with 100 lb overhead squats during the Lullaby workout. Furthermore, I rarely combine similar movements into the same WOD, instead opting more for oppositional movements. Today, my legs are feeling this neglect.
Going forward I think I will try to include more "similar movement" groupings (squat complexes, clean complexes, snatch complexes, Bear complexes, etc.). In addition, I'm going to try and put variations of complex style workouts into metcon formats to help fill the hole exposed last night. Thinking this over, I came up with a few possibilities that could be great:
-21, 15, 9 back squat, thruster, push jerk, and pushup w/ 135 lb
-10 to 1 SDLHP, power snatch, oh squat w/ 115 lb
-15 minute AMRAP: 5 power clean, 10 deadlift, 5 pullup w/ bodyweight
-10 rounds for time of 5 DB split clean & jerk (ea), 5 DB walking lunge (ea), 10 burpee w/ 1/2 BW
-without rest, repeat alternating 1 minute rounds of BW bench press, ring dips, and reverse burpees until you reach 100 total repetitions
It's cool how one workout can start flooding the brain with new possibilities. I almost wish I didn't have the competition this weekend, because I'd like to try a few of these this week. Oh well... there's always next week.
Spent a large portion of the rest day outside reading and enjoying the fall colors. Then, went to a neighborhood cafe with my neighbor, only to discover they have .75 coffee, free chess boards, and live soundgarden, pearl jam, and jimi hendrix albums playing on loop. We spent 2 hours in there, easily. The first 2 of many I suspect.
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  1. Hey Blair!
    I'm finally checking out your blog. Read your first entry- love it! and today's. I've got to catch up on the rest, hopefully reading about how you're balancing studies, workouts AND travel will inspire me to stay on task. The transition back to full time student hasn't been easy and my workouts are suffering.
    Anyways, I missed you at the Mid-Atlantic Hopper, you would have kicked butt! Just in case you're interested in doing the WODs:

    WOD #1
    Find your 2rm Deadlift in 15 minutes, 3 attempts
    OHS 95#
    Burpee Bastards
    30 Doubleunders
    7 Back Squat 135#
    30 GHD Situps
    7 Snatch 135#
    30 WallBall
    7 PushJerk
    30 Toes to Bar

    Take care,