Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Muscle Failure

Today's workout was pretty disappointing, to be honest. My legs got tired pretty quick during the external resistance stuff, probably still a residual effect of Monday night, and my upper body just didn't have it at all during the bodyweight resistance. The HSPUs, even though I acknowledge the added difficulty of being from a 5 inch elevation, knocked me out quicker than they should have. Totally crushing, mentally. I knew the pullups were going to be a chore since I had done 100 yesterday morning during the 5 x 20 workout, so I guess that was no surprise. Still, overall, I expected to have more in the tank.
The workout was:
1 round for time:
5 Snatch w/ 80 kg
10 Clean and Jerk w/ 80 kg (this should've been 100 kg, but I didn't have enough bars)
15 Deadlift w/ 120 kg
20 HSPU from 5 inch elevation
25 strict overhand pullups
100 double unders
I finished in 14:11, with tons of wasted time during the HSPUs and pullups. The moral of this story is over-zealous programming, I think. Sometimes we get workouts in our heads that we just want to do so badly that we don't always pick the right times to do them. The silver lining, I guess, is that you're not always at your best and you're still expected to perform. Today was good practice for those times.

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