Friday, October 30, 2009

Heading to Sweden

So I'm off to Halstad, Sweden for the Scandinavian Crossfit Challenge. That means about 7 hours by train and maybe another 3 by car... long day at the office. They posted the events online and they are interesting. Here's what I have to look forward to.
Day 1:
1 km course run while carrying 16 kg kettlebell
-no details on what the course is
50 double unders
30 ground to overhead (135#)
50 double unders
-you're not allowed to drop the bar from the overhead position
4 minute tabata row for meters
Day 2:
4 minutes to establish 1 rep max deadlift (in kilos)
4 minutes to do AMRAP of air squats
-these go directly together, no gap
-the total kilos will be added to the total squats for the score
final event, unknown
-only the top 3 men and women qualify
The point system is based on placement (best time receives 1 point, 2nd receives 2 points, etc.) So, the 3 lowest point totals after 4 events will compete in the final. All previous points will then be erased so that the winner will take all.
Should be a fun event. If I'm honest, I feel pretty good about all the scheduled events except the deadlift/air squat WOD. I know my top deadlift will be well below the average, but we'll see.
I don't know what the internet situation will be at the hotel, so this could be my last post until Sunday night. Here's a look at where I'll be.
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  1. Good luck, bro!

    Looks like a lot of those events play to your strengths. Give 'em hell...

  2. Good luck Blair!! :)