Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Squat it Out

Was definitely feeling the legs this morning after the long metcon and the heavy clean and jerks yesterday. Nothing compared to what they would be feeling later that night, however. I've been half dreading, half anticipating this workout since I came up with it a few weeks ago, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It wound up leaving me completely jello'd.
The Workout looked like this...
With your bodyweight on the bar, do 5 rounds for time:
3 OH squat
6 Front squat
9 Back squat
12 situp
The weight felt fine the first set, heavy the second set, and pretty crushing the rest of the way. The main point of fatigue was my lower back. Moving the weight to the different balance positions was challenging to stabilize internally, and the legs were not having it by the end. Especially on the front squats (possibly residual from last night's cleans), everything was just burning. The situps were a good break, but felt so short-lived every time.
Anyways, I got through it in 11 minutes on the nose, and I don't think I could have done it faster. I didn't take more than a few seconds break between exercises at any point, and my body was aching pretty good. Walking out of L.K.V., I could feel my legs losing it a bit, so I took the walk home slow. In the end, I'm glad to have done it. I just need to get stronger. We'll see what happens this weekend....


  1. It's official: you're a masochist.

  2. damn, blair! nice work.

    another wod im oddly intrigued by. definitely liking your programming. turns out, i weigh the same as you... and my max 0HS is 175, so ill need to scale a bit...

  3. nice wod. i was intrigued so my husband and I tried it last night. bw 120. completed in 15:26 used GHD situps instead. thx.