Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Farewell Europe

On a plane today back to California and thought it a fitting time to announce the first Anywherefit group trip.
Imagine taking 10 days to see natural beauty, history, and museums, to enjoy and experience local culture with people who actually live there, and to train your ass off all along the way. This is the idea behind this project. It will organize diverse trips that explore the world while training in creative and interactive ways and forging a personal connection with like minds around the globe.
Mark the calendars for August 2011. Anywherefit Iceland happens then.


  1. Sign me up dude! :)
    Sounds like a fantastic idea. If i'm not in a warmer and more unhospitable country at that time i would love to come.

  2. As a 21 year old student...finances are expectedly tight.
    Getting to Iceland from Australia makes things a bit more costly but I started saving the moment I read that!

    officially diarised,
    Matty Kaplan

  3. That's awesome, I'm marking my calendar.


  4. Good luck this summer! Europe will miss you and your wonderful training practices.

  5. This sounds like the perfect idea!! Can't wait to hear more details on it!! I'm in =)

  6. GREAT news - make sure to pass by Copenhagen on your way.

    Hugs, Sarah