Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heavy Squats

Workout of the Day

Back Squat 5, 3, 1+ @ 85, 90, 95% 1RM

Bench Press 3 x max @ bodyweight

Glute Ham Pushups 15, 15, 15

Leg Press 15, 15, 15

Final day of heavy lifting before scaling things back for a week to recover. My squat sets were at 145 kg, 155 kg, and 162.5 kg respectively. The final set I managed only 5 repetitions—definitely disappointing. The 2nd rep was a little loose and cost me some strength so that by the 6th one I bottomed out completely with nothing left. Next time I squat will be in California, hopefully the time away will build me stronger.

The bench pressing was something I wanted to throw in because it hadn’t been done in awhile. At 85 kg, I got 21 reps the first set, 17 the second, and 14 the third. Overall, this was not too far off from where I was when I used to press a lot more frequently. Nice to know some things don’t go completely to shit when you ignore them.

Big happenings, just booked a ticket to Milan for Wednesday/Thursday to visit Umberto and company at CrossGym. Can’t wait. 9 days and counting til stateside.


  1. hey.
    just wondering.
    your skins on the picture. is it the type for faster recovery? and if. does it work?

  2. Awesome blair, crossgym in Milan is like a candy store. Did my lvl 1 there, a true place of functional fitness.
    By the way, as for the 5 3 1. I kinda lost track, how many days a week do you work on heavy lifting?

  3. Looking good Blair. Kick some ass in cali, me and Mads will be following online (with beers!)

  4. martin s.,
    the skins in this picture are the standard sport versions for training, but i do own some of the recovery tights. and yes, they work. if i had to recommend one product of theirs, its that one.

    im doing 1 day a week olympics, and two days a week 5 3 1 (combining press and DL, and Bench and Squat)

    martin a.,
    chug them beers son. wish you guys were gonna be there in person