Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rest Day

Resting for the day in Colorado with my cousins and family, but looking forward to some great workouts the next few days. Possibly including a trip to Red Rocks on Monday. Also want to extend a big thank you to Umberto and Maurizio at CrossGym in Milan for their support. Check out the video we made below.


  1. dude, that rocks. nice work. 3 weeks baby!

  2. Hey Blair,

    This Ian W. and I'm a video producer at Again Faster. I've been doing videos on a bunch of the games qualifiers this year.

    I saw you're in CO right now and it turns out that I'm in Denver at the moment. I'll be leaving the area sometime tomorrow afternoon but if you have some time before then to meet up and do a quick interview that would be awesome.

    Thanks man.