Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday, Day 18

Workout of the Day:

Strict Press 5, 3, 1+ @ 75, 85, 95% 1RM

Deadlift 5, 3, 1+ @ 75, 85, 95% 1RM

Seated Row 10, 10, 10, 10

Good Mornings 10, 10, 10, 10

L sit holds 3 x max

I could definitely feel the 30 muscle ups and 120 burpees from last night this morning. My upper back was tight and even my triceps were sore. Still was excited for today since it marks my 3rd week on 5/3/1 and I’ve felt so good thus far.

The strict presses didn’t go extraordinarily well. I only got 6 at 72.5 kg for the final set—I was hoping to get 7-8. The deadlifts were a little better, but still not good enough. I got 7 at 170 kg and felt that my back was the limiting factor. In a sense, this was a good thing because it’s the first time since I’ve started this program that I hit a weight heavy enough to break my form down. Every other max set has been my ass and hamstrings giving out. Hopefully over the next month or so I can push this threshold higher.

The assistance work was real tough today. Good mornings just kick my ass every time… I’m a heaving sweaty mess after every set. I chose L-sits for the abdominal assistance because it has been brought to my attention that my hip flexors are weak in isometric contraction (Thanks BootCamp). Hopefully doing more of these types of exercises will rectify this in short order.

Heading to London tonight for the Opera and meeting up with Dellus, Jami and co. for a workout tomorrow morning. Can’t wait!

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