Thursday, June 3, 2010

Workout of the Day

AM – WOD 1:

Snatch 2, 2, 2, 2 (within :30)

Front Squat to jerk 3+1, 3+1, 3+1

PM – WOD 2:

6 rounds for time:

5 unbroken muscle ups (full turnout)

20 unbroken burpees

:30 second penalty every time you break either exercise—assessed at the end.

Things started out feeling a little rusty this morning. I felt slow, my timing was off on the second pull, and things just weren’t clicking in general. I got my first attempt at 80 kg up alright, but missed the second behind me. I managed to regroup and get it on the 3rd but it was ugly. The weight didn’t feel heavy, but something was off. I moved up to 90 kg and missed the first attempt badly. For those of you who doubt the importance of videotaping yourselves, this is an example of why it is necessary on these types of movements. Checking the tape I noticed that my starting position was never static. I was almost rolling into the start like you would a deadlift. My hips never got below the bar and I inevitably rocked forward and left the weight out front. What’s more, I wasn’t dropping all the way into a good low catch position. The next set I played with the start position a little, got the first attempt but still missed the second. I checked the video again and saw that things were better but not all the way where they needed to be. The final set I exaggerated my start position, really focused on staying vertical, and nailed both attempts like they were nothing. Especially noticeable was how much deeper I dropped under the bar. I think getting into the low position at some point prior to initiating the lift creates some muscle memory. Night and day from the way I had to fight the weight at 80 kg. So, new 2RM PR! Chalk it up.

Not going to go into the front squat to jerk, but just to clarify the movement: it’s 3 front squats followed by a single jerk. My top set was at 122.5 kg. Doing these with heavy legs means you have to be fast under the bar to get the jerk. Great exercise to teach speed.

The afternoon WOD took me back outdoors. The weather was literally the best it’s been since I’ve been in England. Not a breath over 70 degrees and crystal blue skies. I went to Port Meadows, found a tree branch and hung the rings by the water. Gotta say… I loved this workout. It turned into an interval WOD because of the need to prepare for unbroken muscle ups after doing 20 burpees. I wrapped the first round in 1:20, then waited til around 2:30 before hitting round 2. I nearly kept this pace the entire way, having to rest a little longer before the 5th and 6th sets of muscle ups. I made it through without breaking any MUs or burpees, stopping the clock at 14:56. Doing the muscle ups unbroken makes you rest, doing the burpees unbroken prevents you from doing so. A great combination I thought.

I'm interested to hear how others do on this so please try it and let me know.


  1. Oooh, the MU-Burpee-thing sounded wonderfully horrible, will get back to you when I do it. Congrats on the snatch btw, good lifts!

  2. Sweet PR, agree to Bear, the MU/Burpee WOD seems wonderful ;)

  3. Love the snatching!

    I need MU work, might give it a shot this weekend.

  4. Wow dude, I tried the MU/burpee workout. That was really good man. I got 25:38 which is brutal. I had no problem with the MU's. I found that doing burpees right after MU's really fried the chest though. I never split the MU's but I split the burpees 4 times. So for the extra penalty then my time was 27:38. Good workout. Don't know how you did it in under 15!